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Our Mission As A Company

Happiness starts in the home, and with times becoming more and more financially difficult for millions across the UK, Easipay Carpets decided to make it easier for people in the UK to decorate their home and create a warm and inviting environment without making an already tough climate for money even worse. 

We set up our Pay Weekly Carpets plans, which evolved into Pay Weekly Laminate and Pay Weekly Vinyl too. Our homes are important, and by decorating them in a way that suits our personalities we feel more at home, more relaxed which then promotes better states of mind and mental health. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can access new flooring without adding to their money worries and stresses. 

We provide high quality flooring that is competitively priced, but where we differ is that we let you pay off the full cost over time instead, completely interest free. We’ve already helped thousands of people and we’d love to help even more!

Ensuring Excellent Value To All

There’s many well known brands that provide flooring too, but we differ in several ways that all add value for each of our customers. These are:

  • Our pay weekly flooring plans let every one of our customers split the cost on their flooring from just £10 per week.
  • We charge absolutely no interest on any of our plans – every pay weekly carpet, laminate and vinyl plan has 0% interest for the duration of the plan. 
  • We’ll give you free underlay when required, which is usually the next highest cost after your flooring!
  • Free carpet grippers, free door trims. Everything to keep your new flooring protected and perfectly fit comes free with us. 
  • We also don’t perform credit checks on any of our customers, we don’t mind what your credit score is and we won’t ask. 

Highly Qualified, Highly Experienced

We work hard to ensure that each of our staff members are highly qualified and experienced in each of their roles – whatever that may be. This way, we can be certain that every step of our customer’s journey with us is in safe hands, from our brilliant admin across the sales and marketing teams giving perfect customer service, to the fitters that have years of experience behind them, making sure your flooring is laid to the highest of standards every time. 

The Admin Teams

Our admin team are split into two groups – the marketing group and the accounts group. The marketing team will be with you when you first apply, they’ll tell you about the range of flooring we offer and help organise your initial home visit with the reps in your area. When the reps come out, they’ll be your go-to point for any concerns you might have, but you can also call the office at any point too – our teams will help you get the resolution you need. The rep will organise your payment plan with you and craft the schedule and amounts that work with your budget. Then the accounts group will help you with your pay weekly carpets, pay weekly laminate and pay weekly vinyl plans going forward with any issues you have, you can call the office to discuss that and we’ll be happy to help! 

The Marketing Team

The marketers are a small but dedicated team that look after the website, social media, any advertising we do, when we do it and they respond respond to reviews. Although their jobs aren’t as customer facing as the rest, they use their experience and expertise to find ways to make your interactions with us easier for you! 

The Fitting Teams

We’ve carefully curated teams across our whole service area, and we’re proud to say that each of them are highly experienced in what they do! Fitting flooring can be really tough, and a whole lot more difficult than the every day person would think which is in part to how effortless they make it look! With the whole group racking up hundreds of years of experience, you’re always in good hands! 

Locations We Cover

We currently cover most of the North of England, as well as some of the Midlands. To be sure we operate in your area, please see our Locations Covered Page.

2024 Update:

For the past couple of years we’ve had carbon on the mind. Last year we restructured slightly to minimise our carbon footprint. This included hiring new staff members to organise route planning for our reps and fitting teams to make sure they have the most straightforward drive, minimising their vehicle emissions whilst also reducing customer waiting times. We’ve introduced working from home for many staff members, and encouraged ride sharing for the staff members needed in the office. We’ve done a lot, even going right down to changing light bulbs and swapping out bin bags reduce plastic. But it’s time we go further. 

We’re doing well for minimising our own footprint, but we want to reduce it to zero and then go further, removing more CO2 than we produce. We’re doing this in 2 more ways. 

Method 1 is to invest in technology and projects that either remove, avoid or mitigate CO2 production. We’ve started this already by investing in Solar Projects, one of which is a pretty cool project in Indonesia. We’re also looking into other Solar Projects, as well as Hydro-electric and Wind Projects, carbon capture projects and some “nice to have” projects that just make the world a slightly nicer place, such as clean water projects and ocean clean up projects. We’ll handle this on our own over time. 

Method 2 involves you. We need your help for a certain method of Carbon Capture. Carbon capture takes CO2 that’s already in the air, and stores it. It sounds technical right? Well the highly technical instrument we’re investing in is… Trees. 

For every 5 star review we get on either Google or Trustpilot, we’ll plant a tree. Meaning every customer can help us plant 2 for free on their side! They leave the feedback, we sort the rest! 

We’re hoping to plant 1000 trees in 2024. Head to our reviews page to see how we’re getting on!