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Easipay's FAQs - Your Questions Answered!

We like to think our plans are simple – the full cost of the flooring, split up over time into manageable chunks. However, questions do arise and we’d love to answer them. Here’s the questions we’re most commonly asked. 

How Do The Pay Weekly Plans Work?

Our Pay Weekly Carpets And Flooring Plans are essentially the full cost of the flooring, split up into smaller amounts that allow you to pay off the flooring over time instead of a large one off payment. Our plans are there for homes that either can’t afford the one off payment, especially when several rooms need flooring, or simply don’t want to pay for it all in one go. 

Do I Have To Pay Weekly?

No, We call the plans Pay Weekly Plans but with Easipay you can pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly. It depends on how you want to budget. Some customers get paid weekly, so pay their plans off weekly, others prefer to have a “bill week” at the start or end of the month so pay monthly. Most people make instalments when they get paid, on their schedule but you can choose when this is. If you get paid weekly but want to pay monthly, or get paid 4 weekly and want to pay weekly, it’s entirely up to you.

Do You Charge Interest On Your Plans?

No. That’s really all there is to it – every penny you pay is a penny off that initial quote we give you. Many people opt for loans or credit cards to redo their homes and are charged interest for this so end up paying quite a bit more than they spend. Not with us, there’s 0% interest on every plan.

I've Got Poor Credit - Can I Still Apply?

We don’t discriminate with credit. Your Credit Karma and ClearScore apps are your business and as long as we see you can pay the plan we set up (The payments are calculated at the home visit as a compromise between you and us), we don’t care what your credit rating looks like. 

Why do You Do Home Visits?

In a word, convenience. The home visits are the first step in the process. We come out to you with our samples of whichever flooring type you’re interested in, be it vinyl, carpet or laminate. You can then see this flooring in your own home, with your own décor. Want to match your flooring to your walls or furniture? This is how. 

While we’re there, we can measure up any room you want flooring for while you have a look through our samples, then we can calculate the area you need flooring, with the flooring you’ve picked out, and give you a quote for the overall price. We then work this out with you and your budget to decide what the best instalment price we can offer is. 

The home visits are important because it lets us get to know you, and you might say “I want 4 rooms done in this, this and this flooring.” and when we work out the pricing for you, if the instalment price is too high for you, we can come to an agreement to do 2 or 3 rooms first to reduce the payment price, and then after a few weeks we’ll come back and do the rest and add it to the plan. We’re always happy to work around you.

What Types Of Flooring Do You Offer?

Currently we offer Carpets, Laminate and Vinyl flooring across all areas. We can also provide Luxury Vinyl Tile and Stone Plastic Composite upon request but it’s the main 3 we typically offer.

How Quickly Can Flooring Be Fitted?

From applying online, either with our main “apply page” or by using the forms either at the top or bottom of this page, we’ll usually get back to you either the same day or next working day, depending on what time you apply. 

We can schedule a home visit anywhere from the next day to a few weeks in advance, depending on your availability. 

From the home visit, once we have a deposit (which comes off the overall balance of the plan), we then need to see one payment plan come through to check it’s set up correctly on both our side and your side, and then we can book the fitting. You can schedule this payment for whenever you want, including the next day. We can then book the fitting from as soon as the next week. 

Most fittings are typically within 7 – 10 days after the home visit. 

Do I Have To Pay For Underlay?

No, if you need underlay we’ll provide that for free if you’re buying through a pay weekly carpets and flooring plan. 

What Are Your Opening Hours?

Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. 

How Can I Contact You?

Everyone can contact us by phone at 0330 333 2360. This is typically the quickest way to reach us. We’re reachable for existing customers at [email protected]. We’re also available on Facebook Messenger via our Facebook Page, though this depends on when we have someone available and we don’t guarantee we can respond there quickly, however we’ll always do our best!

How Long Do I Pay Instalments For?

This is decided at the home visit and is different for everyone as budgets and room sizes are different, however we’ll give you a payment plan quote up to 6 months to give you the lowest price to pay on your plan.

Can I Pay My Plan Off Sooner?

Of course! You can pay for the flooring in one go if you want, or if part way through your plan you come into some money and want to pay the rest of the plan off, we’re happy to do that. Alternatively if there’s a few weeks left to go and you want to pay for them all at once, that’s fine too. You can also pay one off larger payments throughout the plan if you’d like to. For any of these, just give us a call on 0330 333 2360. 

Is There Any Admin Charges

No. If there’s any reason you need to contact us to change your plan or reschedule how it works, such as if you change jobs and don’t get paid on the same schedule, just give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you. We don’t charge admin fees for any of this, or any other steps along the way. 

Do You Have Special Offers?

We don’t have things like sales, because we give the best price we can with every single customer, this is why the price for paying for flooring in one go is the same as paying it off over 6 months – everyone gets our best price. 

However, we do have a “refer a friend” scheme where if an existing customer refers a new customer, both customers get money knocked off their plan. You’re free to do this as many times as you want – if you refer one friend and save £20 on your plan, you can refer 9 more and save a total of £200. All of your friends will save money too. 

Do You Do Budget Flooring?

We do! We’ve got quite a few ranges for each type of flooring – some are on the budget friendly side, some are on the luxury side, and some are in the middle. We’ll bring all ranges to a home visit but when booking in the visit you can ask specifically for the budget ranges or the luxury ranges if you want to. 

What's The Catch?

Honestly, there isn’t one. Our plans are crafted to help more people buy comfy and stylish flooring. That’s all there is to it – we’re competitively priced and our selling point is that we make flooring budget friendly for more people. We also have the selling points of free underlay, free door trims and grippers, free quotes, no interest, no credit checks and standards for Product Quality, Customer Care and Professionalism. The 2000+ 5 star customer reviews on Google and Trustpilot all agree that we’re excellent at what we do, so see for yourself! Apply below and let’s get the ball rolling!

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