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What Your Laminate Flooring Shade Says About You!

A personality guide through wood tones...

Laminate flooring is an absolute favourite among our customers. It looks classy and sophisticated without costing nearly as much as real polished wooden planks. It’s not just practicality that gets people to choose laminate as a flooring option, but the stylish, high end air it gives a room.

With every shade of wood under the sun being a colour option for laminate, it can be hard to make up your mind as to which you should go for. We’re here to help you match your laminate flooring to the interior design style and mood you’re wanting to give off in your home.


Birch is a classic wood colour found in many interior design styles. Perhaps most notably, you will probably have seen birch wood in minimal Scandinavian homes. You may recognise its popularity from it being such a common colour in Swedish brand IKEA’s furniture.

The light colour of the wood makes the space it’s placed in feel open and fresh. It also gives a natural aura to your home. You love all things fresh and green, and probably have more houseplants than is totally reasonable. If spring is your favourite season and you dislike clutter, birch is the way to go. There’s a reason birch wood is so popular in minimalist design and that’s because it just works. Minimalism and birch go together like bread and butter. It looks clean, refined, and intentional without ever looking boring.

Birch Laminate flooring - from £10 per week with easipay carpets!


If you pick walnut to go in your home, you are probably a trendy, fashion forward kind of person. Darker wood colours such as walnut are coming back into style as a flooring choice with aesthetics like maximalism and “Dark academia“.

If you like moody interior design full of rich colours and are a lover of books and antiques, dark walnut wood is an excellent choice for your laminate flooring. While some think it’s odd to want your home to look like an academic’s office from the 1800’s you can’t imagine anything more exciting.

You probably have the kind of home that could accurately be described as a cabinet of curiosities. There’s nothing quite like a good trinket and they’re something you cannot resist. Dark walnut floors demonstrate your taste for the finer things as well as you eccentricity.

Dining Room Living Room split featuring walnut laminate flooring


Grey floors are intensely popular with those born between 1981 and 1996. This is the age group otherwise known as millennials. You may have heard of the recent realisation that “millennial grey” is a thing, but what does that even mean?

Millennial grey is a shade that is ever so slightly warm without being particularly light or dark. It is a common colour in walls, homeware, bedding, and yes, even floors. Grey laminate is popular because of its clean and classy look. If you want your home to look put together even in the presence of some chaos, grey is a great colour choice.

If you go for grey laminate floors, you probably also prefer cool colours and are more of a tech person than an outdoor time person.

Grey laminate flooring - interest free with pay weekly laminate flooring plans by Easipay Carpets

Warm Pine

Pine wood comes in several different shades. Some of these shades look a lot like birch in how light and fresh they look while others are much warmer. Opting for a warm pine wood on your floor says a lot about you.

You may be really into vintage fashion or you may be very into your trends. This is because warm pine wood was incredibly popular in the 70s as panelling all over the interior of a house. Having it as the colour wood of your floors is a more subdued way to play into this aesthetic. It’s trendy without verging on try-hard.

If you opt for warm pine floors, you probably love summer and/or autumn, colourful clothes and ornaments, and you value cosy get-togethers with your friends. You might also be really into art.

warm pine coloured laminate flooring is available through easipay's pay weekly laminate flooring plans

Light Grey/White

Did someone say ice queen? Just kidding! Just because you pick an icy colour for your floors does not mean that that follows the style around your home. In fact many people who go for white or pale grey flooring actually love colour and to make spaces feel light and airy.

Space is probably important to you and increasing the amount of light in your home through picking a light coloured floor will make your home seem even more spacious. Maybe you want to make your home feel like a cloud but just don’t want the difficulty of dealing with carpet.

White or light grey laminate is perfect for this effect while maintaining that easy cleaning quality all laminate provides.

Light grey - white laminate flooring

Mahogany/Red Toned Wood

Mahogany is a wood which often ends up red when polished and made into flooring boards. To get the look of mahogany flooring, shiny dark red toned laminate will do the trick.

A rich colour like this gives off an undeniably wealthy look. It makes a statement without needing to include unnatural colours or patterns the way you might choose to do with vinyl.

You’re someone whose class and quirkiness are woven together in an inseparable way. You live for the finer things in life and that is reflected in your style. Going for a red wood laminate floor shows just that about you.

mahogany - red wood laminate flooring


You have class and style and you want the world to know it! You’re at the cutting edge of all things cool and unique and you probably love to wear black as well as having it as the colour of your floors. This makes your floors look ever-shiny and will help your statement furniture pieces (which you definitely have if you have black floors) pop!

Black floors tell people that you know there is boldness in simplicity. Your style might not be the most intricate but it is clean, classic, and timeless. You are also probably quite an organised person and want your floors to look as clean as possible. The dark colour means most dirt won’t show up quite as easily as on light floors. The benefits are endless!

black dark laminate flooring hallways

With endless options for wood tones in laminate floors it can be tricky to pick the perfect one for you, but your style and the kind of person you are might just align with the colour you end up choosing. Whatever your shade of laminate, spreading the cost without any interest makes achieving your desired look that much easier with EasiPay Pay Weekly Flooring plans. Prices for laminate floors start at just £10 a week. Get your appointment for a quote on laminate flooring today through filling out the form below!

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